A new publication on the subject makes it debut tommorrow, a symptom perhaps of increased ad increasing interest in regulation, and deregulation.

The biweekly newsletter, edited by veteran reporter Louis Kohimeter, will be published by Washington Business information Inc., which also publishes Product Safety Letter and Food and Drug Letter. The newsletter is called The Regulators,the same title as a book written by Kohimeier almost a decade ago.

Kohlmeier has been covering government regulation of business and the economic consequences of federal policies and programs since 1960. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1965 fo rWall Street Journal articles on the growth of Lyndon Johnson's fortune through regulated broadcast properties.

Since leaving the Journal in 1973, Kohlmeier has been a contributor to the National Journal and the New York times.

Rather than cover the "nuts and bolts" of government regulatory agencies and activities, Kohlmeier says he will use the newsletter to take issues and explore and analysis them, and to "track regulatory reform on a regular basis."

"I think good newsletters should be distinctive from newspapers and magazines in that they are the product of individuals, not institutions," he says.

Although regulation is not a brand-new issue, there is a growing consensus that regulation does not work, he says. Even more recent attempts at safety regulation do not appear to have produced the hoped-for benefits, according to Kohlmeier. "What this suggests is that there are fundamental structural or conceptual flaws," he says. It is a point of view he shares, "I think that regulation does have institutional flaws that we have not overcome and that can't be overcome," he says.

One of the features of the newsletter will be a "Red Tape Index," measuring the volume of federal regulation with various indicia such as personnel, budgets, regulations and case load.

The subscription price is $373 annually, with an introductory price of $285.