NASA has selected Fairchild Space and Electronics Co., Germantown, Md., for negotiation of a contract to integrate test and provide two multi-mission modular spacecraft (MMS) for Land-Sat-D. The contractor's target cost is about $10.3 million.

The MMSs will be the basic space-craft buses for the Land-Sat-D flight spacecraft (to be placed in orbit in 1981 aboard a Delta Rocket) and a back-up. The other elements of this spacecraft are to be obtained under separate contracts.

The new spacecraft is to be an advanced version of Land-Sats 1 and 2, now in orbit and surveying the earth's surface to obtain data useful to agriculture, forestry, geology and other fields.

The contract will also include options for the integration and tests of up to four additional MMS's for future programs that could be approved through approximately the year 1982.

In another announcement, the U.S. Army awarded a $3.4 million contract to Fairchild Space and Defense Systems for a transportable electronic countermeasures set.

Fairchild's Aircraft Service Division is the recipient of a contract from Sikorsky Aircraft for the manufacture of gunner and troop seats for the new Army Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System. The contract, valued at $425,000, calls for 864 seats to be delivered over a one-year period with the first delivery in April.