Four new glads have been given 1978 All-America awards by All-America Gladiolus Selections. They are Red Freckles, Night Owl, El Toro and Little Sweetheart.

All-America Gladiolus Selections thoroughly tests new originations in open fields and gives approval to those varieties with home-garden merit which grew superlatively well in the United States and Canada. There are 26 test-garden judges.

The basic color of Red Freckles is medium red, but with the addition of pure white striping on most petals. Sometimes only thin thread-like stitching appears while at other times nearly half a petal may be pure white. It opens 8 plain-petaled florets at once on graceful 18-bud spikes.

Night Owl is rated as the finest purple to date. That florets are triangular in shape, heavy in substance, and lavishly fluted, ruffled and needlepointed. Ten to 12 firmly attached precisely arranged florets open at once on straight stems on 5-foot robust plants.

El Toro possesses a classical perfection of form, the florets are precisely set on rugged gun-barrel spikes that are nearly eye-level in height. The vivid intensely colored red blooms have a rich plush-like texture like red velvet. It opens 8 of its 22 to 24 buds at one time.

Little Sweetheart is tiny in stature, with rosy-red blooms on slender, willowy stems. Each floret has dramatic white quotation marks (stamens) in the heart of each flower and is molded like a tiny toy cup. Seven or eight florets open at once. Although Little Sweetheart is a miniature, it is robust to the extreme.

Carl Fischer is the originator of all four 1978 All-America award-winning glads. Fischer has spent many years in his garden at St. Charles, Minn., and has received world-wide acclaim for his outstanding work and many All-America awards.

Gladiolus range in size from the tiny miniatures to the taller large flowered beauties of 5 to 8 feet.

Some of the most popular of previously announced All-America miniatures are Bluebird, Brightside, Lambkin, Rudolph, Little Slam, Green'n gold, Little Tiger, Kon-Tike, Grape Juice and Snowdrop.

Among the large-flowered All-Americas that perform especially well are Orange Chiffon, America, Mexicali Rose, Anniversary, Limelight, China Blue, American Beauty, Miss America, Big Daddy, Cameo, Highstyle, Spectacular, Green Lilac, Fire Chief, Navy Blue, Summer Show, and Sunray, the 1977 award winning yellow.