The Supreme Court yesterday denied a request by General Atomic Co. to stay further proceedings in a New Mexico court case involving allegd uranium carter participation by General Atomic - a partnership of Gulf Oil Corp. and the Royal Dutch Shell Group.

Yesterday's ruling was a victory for United Nuclear Corp. of Falls Church. New Mexico State District Court Judge Edwin L. Felter earlier decided a multi-million-dollar nuclear contract dispute in favor of United Nuclear and against General Atomic.

The Gulf-Shell partnership then asked the Supreme Court to ban further proceedings by Judge Felter in Santa Fe on possible damages. United is seeking $2.27 billion.

General Atomic also asked the Supreme Court to issue two additional orders, which were not addressed by the court yesterday. In the separate cases. General Atomic asked:

An order directing Judge Felter to end his prohibition of federl arbitration proceedins which the Supreme Court earlier ruled General Atomic had a right to pursue.

A review of a New Mexico Supreme Court decision which permitted Judge Felter to order production in the General Atomic-United Nuclear trail of documents located in Canada related to an alleged international uranium cartel. General Atomic says it cannot produce the documents without violating Canadian law.

General Atomic also had asked the New Mesico court to have Judge Felter disqualified as biased: