Women's National Bank of Washington - the nation's first federally-chartered bank for women - is $100,000 and two weeks away from raising the capital it needs to begin business.

The new banks has raised 95 percent of its $2 million in initial capital, Emily Womach, president of the new bank, said yesterday.

Womach said Women-s National hopes to complete its fund raising by April 1, the deadline set when the stock offering began last October. If the remaining stock is not sold by then, she said, the bank will seek a 90 day extension of the fund raising period from federal bank regulators, who usually approve the extra time routinely.

Within six weekd after completing the stock sale, WOmen's National should open the doors at its 1627 K St. N.W. office, added Womach.

The bank has already installed the vault in the new office and has signed interior design contracts.

Approval of the facilities and review of the shareholder list by the Comptroller of the Currency's staff and a formal shareholders' meeting will be required before the banking operations can begin.

Womach said nearly 1,000 investors - most of them women - have bought stock in Women-s National.

The $20-a-share stock is being sold in minimum amounts of shares, a $200 invesment. The maximum invesment allowed by a single buyer is $200,000, but Womach said none of the investors has put in that much money.

Several directors have invested $100,000 each, the largest single purchases of stock, she said.

Besides Womach, who as head of the board of directors uses the title "chair," Women's National's staff includes Emma Carrera, executive vice president and cashier, a former vice president of First Commercial Bank of Arl

Womach, who has 28 years in the money business, was vice president and corporate secretary of Farmers Bank of the State of Delaware and was Delaware state treasurer for two years.