The D.C. Chapter of the American Marketing Association last week named Lee C. Shur, marketing vice president for Gulf Reston Inc., 1978 Marketing Executive of the Year.

Shur was cited for his innovative marketing program in Reston, including the "Bloomingdale's House," visited by almost 50,000 people last year.

Shur has worked in every phase of the building industry from construction laboroer to sales manager. He became vice president of residential marketing for Gulf Reston in 1972 and was named marketing vice president two years later.

Bruce L. Lee has been elected a senior vice president of the Riggs National Bank of Washington, D.C.

Lee has been with Riggs since 1962 and most recently served as vice president in charge of the data processing division.

Riggs also announced the appointment of six new vice presidents.They are Francis J. Gallagher, Harry L. Rust, IV., Paul W. Stevans, John S. Yingling, William B. Braun and John P. D'Arcy.

George Gross, staff director of the House Budget Committee, has been named to head the office of federal relations of the National League of Cities.

For the past nine years Gross has worked in top congressional staff positions including chief counsel of the Subcommittee on Housing of the House Committee on Banking, Currency and Housing from 1869 to 1974 and general counsel of the Houses Budget Committee from 1974 to 1975.