President Carter's proposals to track down further on the abuse of tax shelters were considered - and temporarily shelved - yesterday in another round of action by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Continuing work or Carter's massive tax cut and tax "reform" package, the panel voted generally to defer key Carter proposals to allow regular audits of limited partnerships and to tighten accounting for farm operations.

It also rejected a Carter plan to tax investment income from deferred annuities as it is accumulated rather than when it actually is paid years later. Instead, it voted slightly tougher tax treatment for early withdrawal.

The series of actions marked another setback for the administration, which so far has won approval of relatively few of the proposals the president made in January. The committee is scheduled to continue work on tax shelter proposals this morning.

In its first week of formal mark-up the panel either has rejected or shelved most of the key Carter tax "reform" proposals it has considered. There also is sentiment in the committee for reducing the size of Carter's tax cuts.

Meanwhile, in a separate move to try to head off a reduction in the tax cut package. Secretary of Commerce Juanita N. Kreps cautioned that such action will only worsen inflation, not slow prices as proposnents think.