The government reported yesterday another substantial rise in the personal income of Americans, adding to the mounting, collection of statistics showing that the economy is rebounding following last winter's cold weather bout.

Commerce Department figures showed personal income up 1.4 percent in April, following revised increased of 1.4 percent in March and 0.6 percent in February. The April rise totaled $23.3 billion.

Although some of the new increase reflected the end of the 3 1/2-month-long coal miner's strike the gains were spread throughout the economy. The April rise brought overall personal income to an annual rate of $1.68 trillion.

Income from wages and salaries rose 1.7 percent in April, same as the previous month, to an annual rate of $1.09 trillion. Factory payrolls climbed 0.7 percent, to a $296.2 billion pace, after a 2.2 percent rise in March.

The income of farm owners rose 2.7 percent in April to a new annual rate of $19 billion, after declining 2.6 percent in March.

The portion of the increase stemming from the end of the coal miner's strike was substantial, but not decisive. Mining payrolls rose at a $3.5 billion annual rate in April, after remaining stagnant in March.