A note from Francis Boyd says, "Thursday I was walking to the drug store with a 70-year-old twin sister and fell to the sidewalk on my right knee. I have two total hip replacements and my sister was trying to help me get up when two strong arms lifted me to my feet.

"A passing bus driver had seen me fall. He stopped his bus and helped me up, and when I thanked him he said, Aw, 'twasn't anything, but I assured him yes it was. His name is Jimmy I. Spivey, and if I had it I'd surely reward him handsomely."

Ron McClusky had it, but almost lost it. "It" in this case was $1,200 he had just borrowed from the bank to pay for repairs on his boat. "The workman prefer cash," so he had the cash in his wallet when he walked into the Capital Yacht Club the other evening.

The $1,200 was still in the wallet when 15-year-old Oliver Rossin found it on the floor. Fortunately, there was plenty of ID in the wallet, including pictures, so Oliver didn't have much trouble tracking down the wallet's owner.

"I believe you mislaid your wallet," said Oliver, whereupon Ron slapped his hand against the pocket in which he keeps his wallet - and suddenly felt a little seasick.

Oliver handed over the wallet with the cash intact, and Ron says he's going to buy Oliver a $100 bond as a thank-you. If the government sells him a $91 bond by mistake, we'll auction that off, too. It ought to be worth even more than nine invisible stamps.