The U.S. dollar was on a see-saw yesterday - rallying in Tokyo, dropping in Europe, then regaining some of its losses in New York - and dealers expect additional pressure on the dollar Monday following the Bonn summit meeting.

After an early morning plunge, the dollar rallied to close slightly lower in Tokyo, finishing the day at 202.45 yen, down from 202.98 yen at Wednesday's close. It gained another fraction in New York to 202.50.

The pound closed at $1.8865, up 10 points on Wednesday's $1.8855 and then fell back 10 points in New York.

In Frankfurt the dollar fell to 2.0515 marks from 2.0550 then rose to 2.0540 in New York. In Zurich it fell to 1.81175 Swiss francs from 1.8165 with a further loss to 1.8115 in New York.

Other European closing quotes, with New York prices in parenthesis: Paris, 4.4475 francs, down from 4.4745 (4.4430); Brussels, 32.815 Belgain francs, down from 32.84 (32.36); Amsterdam, 2.2140 guilders, down from 2.2220 (2.2160); Milan, 847.55 lira, down from 849.45 (847.55).

Gold closed unchanged in Zurich at $186.625 an ounce, and was down 25 cents in London at $186.375.