President Carter nominated Connecticut Secretary of State Gloria Schaffer yesterday to be a member of the Civil Aeronautics Board.

If confined by the Senate, Schaffer, 47, a Democrat, would become the second woman member of th five-member board; Schaffer and Elizabeth Bailey, who was named to the board last year by Carter, are the only two women to be nominated as board members since the agency was created 40 years ago.

Announcing yesterday that she would not be a candidate for reelection to her Connecticut post - she is in her second term - Schaffer indicated she would fit right in philosophically with the current board.

"I have a very strong proclivity toward deregulation," she said. "I am in favor of introducing more competition in the airline industry."

Schaffer would succeed Lee R. West, who left the board recently to return to private practice, the president has an apportunity to name another board member should he decide to replace G. Joseph Minetti, a Democrat who has been on the board for 22 years. Minetti reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 more than a year ago, but has received five presidential waivers to continue serving.

Schaffer has been active in Conneticut Politics since 1958. After serving in the Conneticut senate for six terms, she was elected secretary of state in 1970. She was the state's leading vote-getter when she ran for reelection in 1974, winning by a larger margin than Gov. Ella Grasso and Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (D-Conn.,) in the 1976 election.