Negotiations have been completed for the sale of a large commercially zoned tract on the southeast quadrant of Thomas Circle, in northwest Washington to a developer who plans a large office building there "in a few years."

Giuseppe Cecchi, president of International Developers Inc., confirmed yesterday that the firm plans to pay $8 million for the 52,000-square-foot tract (now a parking lot between the Madison Hotel and the old Burlington Hotel on Vermont Ave. N.W. The seller is Thomas Circle limited Partnership, consisting of members of DRG Financial Corp. and investor Jerry Golun.

DRG had planned to build a large combination office, commercial and rental apartment on the site if FHA montgage insurance had been obtained. But Donald M. DeFranceaux, head of DRG. said the plan was turned down and that "a good offer was received for the site."

Meanwhile, plans have been made for a new office building to be started this fall on the site of the Burlington Hotel by a group headed by realty developer Sylvan Herman, DRG Financial announced that a $22 million financing package has been arranged with Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co. for a 500,000-square-foot office building on that site.

Just south of the Burlington, developer Golub and another group plan to build an office building on the site of what now is a parking garage and several small building just north of L Street.

Nearby, the old Hamilton Hotel, now unused, is expected to be converted into an office building at the northeast corner of 14th and K streets. On the southwest corner of 14th and K, new owners are expected to raze the old Ambassador Hotel and build a new office structure there.