Outside Magazine, a two-year-old publication started by Rolling Stone to be what one editor once called "a hip National Georgraphic," is being moved from San Francisco to New York.

In addition, the magazine will switch from its present monthly publication schedule to six-times-a-year.

Meanwhile, Will Hearst, managing editor of the publication since its inception, has resigned his position to become an assistant managing editor at Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, one of eight newspapers in his family's chain. He previously worked as an editor and reporter in his family's paper in San Francisco, the Examiner.

Outside, which has cost Rolling Stone and estimated $2 million in losses since it began, has been for sale for several months, according to sources at Rolling Stone. But since there were no offers, Rolling Stone management decided to move the magazine to New York to be under the wing of its parent magazine, which moved there a year ago.

"We are going to heavier stock (better quality paper), and will look more like Fotune Magazine," said Outside Publisher Don Welsh, who has been based in New York all along. Welsh had been assigned on a part time basis to both Outside and Rolling Stone, but will now devote full time to Outside.

"We will have a minimum of 100 pages per issue, and it will still appeal to people who enjoy the outdoors but are careful about the environment," Welsh said. "And we will still concentrate on outstanding photojournalism."

There has been considerable disagreement among Outside and Rolling Stone staffers over the planned move to New York, insiders say. There have been several arguments over the focus and future of the magazines. Insiders claim some business and editorial staffers are expected to resign their positions soon because of disagreements with Editor owner Jana Wonner.

But Outside Senior Editor Terry McDonel is expected to move to New York and assume the position of Managing Editor of the publication.