The dollar edged higher in quiet trading on foreign exchange markets yesterday, reacting to Treasury Secretary Michael Blumenthal's statement Wednesday that the Carter administration has agreed on new ways to aid the currency.

Here are late dollar rates in Europe yesterday, compared with Wednesday's late rates: Frankfurt, 1.9909 West German marks, up from 1.9820 marks; Zurich, 1.61775 Swiss francs, up from 1.6115 francs; Paris, 4.3525 French francs, up from 4.3445 francs; Milan, 834.60 Italian lire, up from 831.5 lire; Amsterdam - 2.1611 Dutch guilders, up from 2.1535 guilders.

In Tokyo, the dollar rose against the Japanese yen following reports that Japanese oil importers will be in the market for dollars for their September purchases. The dollar closed at 190.825 yen, up from Wednesday's close of 189.625 yen.

It took $1.93425 to by one pound sterling, a slight drop from Wednesday's late price of $1.9424.

It also was quiet on the bullion markets in London and Zurich, the major gold trading centers in Europe. In London, gold sold for $211.25 an ounce, compared to $212.125 Wednesday. In Zurich the price was $210.875 an ounce, down nearly $2 from Wednesday's $212.75.