If you play your cards right, you can get from Dallas/Fort Worth to Las Vegas and back for 39 cents round-trip.

To inaugurate new airline service between the two points on Sept. 28, Texas International Airlines is going to sell 39 of the 39-cent round-trip tickets to the first 39 people who appear at DFW with one of 39 items on TXI's list.

Proof of birth in the 39th state of the union, being 39-inches tall and over 18 years old, having 39 credit cards in your name, or carrying 39 red dice are among the items on TXI's list that will qualify a person for what is believed to be the lowest fare in commercial aviation history.

Another item on the list is a receipt for one of Delta Airline's or Braniff International's $114 one-way coach tickets on the same route; TXI's regular one-way fare will be $39.

Passengers on the inaugural flight also will receive their first night's stay at a Las Vegas hotel free and $39 worth of chips to be played at any of the hotel casino's table games.

TXI will be running a similar 49-cent round-trip promotion for the first 49 people to qualify in 49 categories on the same day for its new Houston Las Vegas route, TXI's normal coach one-way fare will be $49, compared with national Airline's $127.