U.S. District Court Judge Oliver T. Gasch yesterday ordered Bank of America in San Francisco to produce records of its dealings with a London bank involved in the fight for control of Financial General Bankshares Inc.

The judge ruled that the records - which Bank of America contended would be damaging to its business interests in the Middle East - had to be given to Financial General lawyers, but would be kept confidential to product the company.

Financial General had sought the records in its continuing legal battle with a group of Arab investors who now own more than 20 percent of the bank's common stock and are planning a public tender offer that could given them control of the big bank holding company.

The judge also ruled that one of the four Arab stockholders, Sheik Sultan bin Zaid al Nahyan the 28-year-old Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, must submit to questioning about his stock purchases within 30 days.

Sheik Sultan's attorneys had argued that he planned to sell his stock and did not have time to give testimony in the case because he is on military duty as commander in chief of the military forces of the United Arab Emirates.