Suburban Trust Co., which celebrated 63 years of growth in the Maryland suburbs of Washington last Sunday, has embarked on a major reorganization designed to provide more personalized services for business customers at its 63 branches.

H. Lee Boatwright Ill. president of the Hyattsville-based bank, said all branches will be consolidated under six regional offices, personnel training programs will be expanded and computer systems will be used to replace some manual record-keeping.

The regional realignment will provide increased authority to executives who will direct STC programs, products and services in their areas.

Previously, branch managers have not been required to develop entensive customer relations with corporate customers. But Boatwright said that under the regional executives, each branch head will be furnished a list of all current customers or prospects in their service areas and the STC officials will be expected to call regularly on these individuals in a new emphasis on marketing.

"Each customer will be assigned to an officer who will have the responsibility of seeing that the customer is serviced properly (and) we're going to have a backup for each officer in the event of promotions, transfers, etcetera," Boatwright added.

In addition, individual branches will report on daily business and activities by computer to their regional headquarters. Currently, information on branch programs is determined manually.

Consumer banking operations also will be restructured to bring three related divisions - the Visa credit card and overdraft checking, installment loans and marketing - under senior vice president Richard Bytnar.

Regional executives will be Alfred Schrider, eastern Montgomery County; John Heisner, western Montgomery; Thomas Pierce, northern Prince George's County; Ross Selby, Anne Arundel County: Thomas Hitselberger, Baltimore area; Richard Stotler, Southern Maryland; and Raymond Lent Jr., for the head office in Hyattsville.

Heisner formerly was president of Free State Bank & Trust, with two offices, recently was acquired by STC.

Suburban Trust, owned by Suburban Bancorporation, is the largest bank in the Maryland suburbs and has been growing by three to five offices a year. The parent holding company has assets of more than $1 billion.