A credit union for temporary clerical, hospital and professional workers - the first of its kind - will open here next January.

The National Credit Union Administration has granted a charter to Temporaries Federal Credit Union, which will have a headquarters at 1015 18th St. NW and representative offices in about a dozen other cities.

Temporaries Inc., a temporary help service company started here in 1969, has established the credit union to serve its staff and 15,000 nationwide temporary employes.

The new credit union will operate from the Temporaries Inc. office in Washington, offering a complete line of such credit union services as savings accounts and loans.

Barry Wright, founder and president of Temporaries Inc., said yesterday that with the addition of credit union services for his workers, employe benefits will be more equivalent to those of persons with permanent positions.

Temporaries Inc. provides a pay scale commensurate with "market wage rates," as well as major medical hospitalization and insurance, paid vacations, holiday pay, lunch allowances and seniority bonuses, Wright stated.

The Washington firm handles all types of office jobs while subsidiaries are engaged in temporary work in the medical field and for clerical and professional people.

There are about 22,500 credit unions across the nation, holding about 5 percent of all consumer savings accounts. Credit unions are cooperative, nonprofit financial institutions owned by members; about 80 percent of the insitutions have an occupational common bond, such as that for temporary workers. Credit unions are permitted to pay higher interest rates on savings and loan associations.