The dollar slid to a new postwar low closing against the yen yesterday amid news of Japan's newest massive surplus in international payments.

The dollar closed at 182.15 yen, down from 183.375 yen Tuesday and below the previous record closing of 182.85 yen set on Aug. 15 when the dollar at one point went as low as 181.80 yen.

Meanwhile, gold soared to record high prices as the dollar hit a new low in Brussels and moved sluggishly on other European market.

The price of gold rose in London to a record $229.25 an ounce before easing to close at $228.625, 50 cents above Tuesday's close. In Zurich, gold closed at a new record $29,125, also up 50 cents.

The dollar closed in Brussels at a record low of 30.65 Belgian francs compared with 30.75 on Tuesday and fell further to 28.92 in New York.

In Zurich, the dollar edged up to 1.5085 Swiss francs from 1.5050 Tuesday. In Frankfurt, the dollar also was higher, closing at 1.8360 marks compared with 1.8320.

Other European closing rates: Paris, 4.2125 francs, down from 4.2359; Amsterdam, 2.0050 guilders, down from 20.0100 and Milan. 812.20 dire. down from 813.80 (812.75).

In London, the pound was unchanged, closing at $1.9960.