After the election, I wondered in this space why it is necessary for voters to make their way past so many campaign workers outside polling places.

Does anybody really set out to vote before he makes up his mind about how he will cast his ballot? Is anybody's mind really changed by the gaggle of political workers who accost him before he enters the booth?

Four District Liners wrote to tell me they were in agreement. They, too, had wondered why so much wasted effort goes into this election day activity.

However, Arthur Adkins of Laurel filed this minority report:

"Two years ago, I ran for the school board in my home county, without much advertising or an organized campaign. A friend made up a one-page flier and stood for most of the day at one polling place, handing out the flier and talking to people. That was the only precinct I carried."

Thank you, Arthur. You have added more topic to the list of those on which I am no longer as ignorant as I used to be. If I can hold on to this job long enough, I may eventually become an educated man. 00:1500000236: