Government Employees Insurance Co. has cut its rates on homeowners policies in the District by an average 5.6 percent effective with policies written on or after Dec. 4.

The Washington insurance firm also reduced condominium owner policy rates by an average 15.8 percent.

Regional Vice President Eugene Meyung said the reduced rates in D.C. reflect "a sizable drop in the average fire claim cost and a decrease in the frequency of thefts."

For a typical masonry home in the city, Geico has been recommending a policy that costs $179 for $60,000 of coverage. The new rate would be $170.

A typical condominium owner in D.C. now pays $66 for coverage of $15,000 with a $100 deductible $250 deductible on theft losses). That annual rate would reduced to $56 under the new Geico premiums.

Geico emphasized that individual rate adjustments will vary according to type of construction and extent of coverage.

The company also recently started to offer a $1,000-deductible policy to D.C. homeowners, renters and condominium owners. Customers will pay up to 30 percent less than the soct of a $100-deductible policy.

Geico is not reducing rates on renters insurance in the city.