Suddenly my mailbox is filled with more contributions to Children's Hospital than I can acknowledge in one day's space.

Today our policy will have to be, "All the news that fits in print."

The $7 paid to Cub Scout Den 2, Pack 1965 (Burke, Va) for December dues was forwarded to me to help provide medical care for needy children. The Young-in-Heart Group of Congress Heights United Methodist Church gave $10 from its modest treasury. A check for $12.20 arrived with the notation, "From Kickapoo Tribe Indian Guides." Another odd amount, $16.52, was left over from a Christmas party held by "the Grains and Feeds Program Area, Economics, Statistics and Cooperatives Service, USDA."

The Wednesday Morning Ladies Bowling League of the Skor Mor Lanes in Arlington contributed $20. The Budget Section of the Drug Enforcement Administration decided not to exchange $27.50 worth of in-house greeting cards. A gift exchange that was scrubbed by personnel in a Bethesda dental office raised $28 for the children. Knights of Columbus Retirees, Edward Douglas White Council, Arlington, chipped in $33 for the hospital with the built-in deficit.

From the Bureau of the Public Debt, which knows a thing or two about deficits, came $35 raised by the Accounts Branch of the Division of Securities Operations. "The gang at the Suurban Trust Co. Viers Mill Office." also sent a check for $35.

The Career Circle, "a group of United Methodist women unaffiliated with any one church now". contributed $50.The Open Door Bible Class of Ryland-epworth United Methodist Church (Branch Avenue and S Street SE) collected $53.25 for the children. "Instead of exchanging Christmas or Hanukah cards among themselves," employees of Branch 0025- of Harry Diamond Laboratories sent me $56. The Southern Towers Mixed Bowling League took up a collection of $63.75".

Southern Maryland Heritage Chapter of the Women's Army Corps Veterans Association moved us into three-digit territory with a check for $100. The Image Processing Branch (Code 5630) of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center projected a $103 image on our tally sheet. The 27 members of GSA's Switchgear and Control Shop decided not to send each other $113 worth of greeting cards. Employees of the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency Computer Center in Oleny chipped in $120.

There was no card exchange in the Office of Audits and Investigations of the Prince George's County Government, with the result that $123 materialized quicker than you can say 1, 2, 3. No card exchange in the Defense Mapping Agency's Office of Distribution Services netted $152.

Checks totaling $155 were wrapped in a note that said, "From the Sales Audit Department of the Hecht Co., Fenton and Ellsworth, Silver Spring." The package of checks from the office of Program Review and investigations of the Federal Highway Administration added up to $166. A single check for $177 carried the brief notation, "Coffee Mess, Accounting Division, U.S. Coast Guard."

We also have some larger numbers for your inspection today. For example, $204.65 from the GSA's Office of Buildings Management. Also $353 that was raised when the FBI's Technical Services Division decided not to exchange intramural Christmas cards. Employees of the National Cable Television Association were never very big on holiday cards to begin with, and the chance to help Children's Hospital stirred them to new heights of apathy. This year they didn't send out a record $422 worth of cards.

The staff at the Heritage Foundation, a tax-exempt public policy research foundation, did some information research on pediatrics that led to a collection of $597 for Children's Hospital. Instead of sending each other individual holiday cards, employees of System Development Corp. in McLean sent me $600 and signed a huge "community" card created by somebody in their shop who is a whiz at drawing the characters who appear in the Peanuts comic strop. Employees of Presearch, Inc., of Arlington also had an artistic colleague draw up a beautiful poster that everybody signed - and after Presearch, Inc., matched its employee's gifts, the Presearch contribution came to $1,210.

The abacus says 29 groups contributed $5,042.87, and 42 individuals gave $1,025.50, to bring today's total to $6,068.37. We began today's count with $43,515.90on hand, so the shoebox now holds $49,584.27. The $50,000 mark looms dead ahead, but our $200,000 terminus is a million miles away.