Here is a list of the projects on the map. The developer is named at the end of each item.

1. Dolley Madison Hotel, 1507 M St., 48 guest suites, $2 million renovation completed September 1978, Marshall B. Coyne.

2. Office building, 1100 15th St., 12 floors, 225,000 square feet for Washington Post Co. and other news organizations. $7 million construction to start in 1979. Prudential Insurance Co. of America.

3 Office building, 1015 15th St., 12 floors, 182,000 square feet for general office use, retail stores on first floor, $20 million construction to be completed in 1979, John C. Akridge Co.

4. American Society of Association Executives headquarters, 1575 Eye St., 12 floors, 295,000 square feet, office building costing $14.5 million, to be completed in 1979, Oliver T. Carr Co., American Society of Association Executives and Southern Railways System.

5. Proposed office building, Vermont Avenue and Thomas Circle, 10 floors, 275,000 square fee, $22.6 million, Vermont Avenue Associates.

6. Proposed office building,1120 Vermont Ave., 12 floors, 500,000 square feet., $25 million, Sylvan C. Herman.

7. Office conversion of Hamilton Hotel, 14th and L Sts, 12 floors, 128,000 square feet, $5 million renovation under way, Hamilton Associates.

8. Office conversion of Ambassador Hotel, 1412 K St., purchased for $2 million by JBG Associates.

9. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority properties to be offered for sale or lease for retail and office use totaling 903.000 square feet on four sites: 15th and Eye Streets, 12th and Eye Streets, 13th and E Streets, and on 7th Street between G and H Streets.

10. Proposed office building at 14th Street and New York Avenue. 12 floors. 500.000 square feet, $25 million total cost, SOG Properties.

11. Garfinckel Block retail-office-restaurant complex utilizing remainder of block adjacent to Garfinckel store, bounded by 14th, 15, F and G streets, 12 stories, 840,000 square feet, $57 million construction to be started in 1981 Oliver T. Carr Co.

12. Willard Hotel, Pennsylvania Ave. and 14th Street, Renovation of old hotel and construction of addition creating 600 hotel rooms, 50 retail shops, $50 million project to start in 1979. Stuart S. Golding, Fairmont Hotel Co. and Lazard Freres & co.

13. Proposed office building at 1335-1339 H. St., 12 floors. 24,000 square feet, $12 million to $15 million, George Washington University.

14. Metrol Center retail-office-hotel construction atop Metro center subway station on H Street between 13th and 14th streets, a 1.9-million-square-foot project expected to cost $200 million with construction starting in 1979; District of Columbia Redevelopment Land Agency is completing negotiations with Oliver T. Carr. Co. and Landow & Co.

15. National Press Club block, bounded by E, F, 13th and 14th streets, hotel, office, retail and entertainment facilities with 830 hotel rooms, 550,000 square feet of other uses, construction costing $110 million to start in 1980, Quadrangle Development Corp., Marriott Corp. and Rouse Co.

16. American City Office Building, 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., 12 stories, 214-000-square-foot office and retail building, headquarters for National League of Cities, $18 million construction under way for completion in 1980, Quadrangle Development Corp.

17. District Building renovation, 14th and E Streets, $900,000 construction by D.C. government.

18. Proposed office building, 13th and K Streets, 100,000 square feets, $7 million, Franklin Knolls Inc.

19. Manger/Annapolis Hotel, 12th and H Streets, 500 rooms, 250,000 square feet, $25 million, Annapolis associates Limited Partnership.

20. Old Post Office Building Redevelopment, $18.8 million project of General Services Administration.

21. Proposed office or hotel development at Massachusetts Avenue and 11th St., H.G. Smithy Co.

22. Woodward & Lothrop North Store Block, expansion of department store and redevelopment of block for office and retail use, 10 floors, 600,000 square feet, $22.5 million.

23. Townhouse development. M and 10th Streets, $12 million residential project, Jerome Golub Realty.

24. Residential development, M and 9th Streets, 200 new townhouses and renovation of 30-unit building for condominiums, $13 millions, Jerome Golub Realty.

25. Proposed hotel, New York Avenue and 10th Street, Federal Finance and Realty Co.

26. Civic Center, convention complex on 9 acres bounded by New York Ave., H, 9th and 11th streets, 761,000 square feet, $99 million, construction to start in spring of 1980 by District of Columbia government.

27. YWCA, new central headquarters, at 9th and G Streets, $3 million project to be built by 1981.

28. University of District of Columbia downtown campus at Mount Vernon Square, bounded by 7th, 9th, K and M Streets, renovation of old Central Library at Mount Vernon Square and construction of six or more new buildings costing $52 million, funds frozen by Senate in 1978 budget.

29. Proposed hotel or office building at 8th and K Streets, Ninth and Eye Associates.

31. Market Square, residential "superblock" proposed by Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corp. on site bounded by Pennsylvania Avenue, 7th, 9th and E streets, with 750 apartments, 240,000 square feet of offices, 150,000 square feet of retail space atop $150 million. 1.2 million-square-foot research and storage facility for National Archives. No schedule set.

32. Proposed hotel on 7th between Eye and K streets, 500 rooms, First Mortgage Corp.

33. Tariff Commission Building redevelopment at 701 E. Street, art gallery project under study by Smithsonian Institution.

34. Proposed garden apartments on 7th between L and M streets, 150 rental units, $3.8 million, construction proposed in 1979 and 1980 by Redevelopment Land Agecy.

35. American Security Bank operations center addition, Massachusetts Avenue and 6th Street, 150,000-square-foot, $8 million construction to be completed in 1979.

36. Chinatown Housing, 6th and H Streets, 125 efficency and one-bed-room subsidized apartments in 9-story building to be built starting in 1979 by Chines Consolidated Benevolent Association on land provided by D.C. go vernment.

37. Fire station and office building, 6th and F Streets, five floors of offices for D.C. government costing $3 million proposed above two-floor fire station completed in 1977.

38. Office building at former Georgetown University Law Center site, 450 Fifth St., 10-floor, 404,000-square-foot, $18 million project awaiting final zoning approval of planned unit development by Georgetown University.

39. New District of Columbia court-house, 500 Indiana Ave., six-floor, 800,000-square-foot court building completed in 1978 by D.C. government.

40. Canadian Chancery, 5th Street and Pennsylvania Ave., office, library and theater complex to be started in 1981 on $4.5 million site purchased by Government of Canada.

41. Proposed motel, 4th Street and New York Avenue, 130 rooms, Jerome Golub Realty.

42. Wax Museum housing project, on site bounded by 4th, 5th, K and L streets, a 1,000-unit project to be built in two phases starting in late 1979 with a 10-story, 302-unit subsidized apartment tower costing $10.3 million, followed by 698 market rent apartments costing $20 million, Bush Development Corp.

43.Proposed motor hotel, Massachusetts Avenue and 4th Street, 400 rooms, Federal Finance and Realty Co.

44. Pension Building redevelopment on site bounded by 4th, 5th, F and G streets, conversion of facility into National Museum for the Building Arts, costing $12 million for restoration and $7.5 million for initial museum installation, under study by federal government.

45. Judiciary Squre office building, 4th and F Streets, 11-story, 432,000-square-foot office building costing $23 million to be started in 1980, John S. Samperton Associates.

46. Municipal office building, on site at 3rd, 4th D and E streets, 8-floor, 550,000-square-foot, $26.5 million office structure for District of Columbia government, land purchase funds in 1978 budget, construction starts in late 1979.

47. National Gallery of Art, East Building, Pennsylvania Avenue and 3rd Street, 450,000-square-foot museum costing $94.4 million completed in June 1978.

48. Air Rights Housing Platform, ovre center Leg Freeway between H and K streets, a $38 million deck nearing completion atop the roadway, upon which 305 public housing units costing $6 million will be built by the D.C. government.

49. Quality Inn, Capital Hill, expansion, 415 New Jersey Ave., 200-room, $5 million addition, Washington Hotel Co.

50. Teamster Union headquarters expansion, New Jersey Avenue at D Street, 7-floor, 164,000-square-foot addition, $4.5 million, completed last year.

51. National Visitor Center, Union Station conversion still under way at estimated cost $60 million, future direction undecided. CAPTION: Map, no caption, By Dave Cook - The Washington Post