Although it will not be published in the Federal Register for at least two weeks, the list of reports and regulations expected to surface at the Federal Trade Commission during the next six months has been obtained by The Washington Post.

Some of the more interesting studies and regulations expected to be handled by the agency are:

Final rules specifying the period of time during which former members of the commission and employes will be required to seek permission prior to representing a client before the agency.

An amendment to the FTC's rules expected to clarify the standards of ethical conduct for lawyers who practice before the commission.

A report citing the extent to which consumers lack adequate cost information for comparative shopping in the insurance industry.

A study of the electric lamp industry, including an investigation of market structure.

Several reports dealing with cigarettes, including a study of the impact of health warning information on cigarette smoking.

A study of the natural gas industry and the concentration -- onshore and offshore -- of natural gas reserves in 1974 and earlier among a few companies.

A study of the nuclear fuel industry and the concentration -- in production, reserves, acreage and drilling.