The Fram Corp. has recalled 175,000 defective gasoline filters which could cause fires in Ford cars or trucks newer than 1965 and in 1969 Ramblers.

The company shipped the filters, type G-22, to various distribution points in the country in 1978.

Fram spokesman Frank McGonagle said Tuesday consumers should have a mechanic check their cars to see if they have a G-22 filter. The original factory-installed filters are safe, but the replacement ones may be defective.

McGonagle said "We've had no reports of fires or injuries but we did not want to take any chances." He said all of Fram's regular customers have been notified, and 50,000 filters have already been returned.

The remaining 125,000 are on supply store shelves or in cars or trucks. McGonagle said if a customer has a G-22 filter and notices that gas is leaking, he should have it changed immediately.

He said customers should keep the old filter and the sales slip for the new one and mail it to the Fram Corp. Providence, R.I., 02916. Fram will reimburse them for costs. The filters retail for about $3.50 each.

He said service stations in the Chicago area reported 10 defective filters.