The latest who's who listing of the private rich from Fortune magazine includes a couple of household names, but most of the names tend toward the obscure.

All of the people listed participate in their businesses, and all have a net worth of at least $50 million. Anyone listed in the three previous Fortune surveys, in '57, '68, and '73, deliberately was excluded. UPI

$500 million to $700 million

Charles G. Koch, 43, Koch Industries, Wichita, Kan.; chemicals, oil exploration, agricultural products, fiberglass products.

$300 million to $500 million

Marvin Davis, 52, Davis Oil Corp., Denver; exploration and production.

Richard DeVos, 53, and Jay VanAndel, 54, Amway Corp., Ada, Mich.; household products and cosmetics sold door to door.

$200 million to $300 million

Loren M. Berry, 90, L. M. Berry & Co.,Dayton, Ohio; advertising.

Harvey R. Bright, 58, East Texas Motor Freight Lines, Dallas; common carrier.

Harry B. Helmsley, 69, Helmsley-Spear, New York; real estate.

Robert S. Howard, 54, Howard Publications, Oceanside, Calif.; newspapers, TV, radio.

Samuel Lefrak, 60, New York; real estate.

Roger Milliken, 63, Milliken & Co., Spartanburg, S.C.; textiles.

David H. Murdock, 55, Pacific Holding Corp., Los Angeles; real estate, meat processing, manufacturing.

John S. Samuels III, 45, International Carbon & Minerals, New York.

$150 million to $200 million

Albert B. Alkek, 67, Alkek Oil Corp., Victoria, Texas; production and transportation.

Edward Carey, 62, Carey Energy Corp., N.Y.; integrated oil company.

Carl C. Landegger, 48, Parsons & Whittemore, New York, pulp and paper production equipment.

$100 million to $150 million

Joseph Albritton, 54, Perpetual Corp., Houston; communications and banking.

Donald Bren, 45, Bren Co., Orange County, Calif.; real estate.

Helen Copley, 56, Copley Press Inc., La Jolla, Calif.; newspapers.

Sol Goldman, 61, New York; real estate.

Franklin Groves, 48, S. J. Groves & Son Construction, Minneapolis; heavy contracting.

B. K. Johnson, 48, La Chaparrosa Ranch, La Pryor, texas.

Robert Mosbacher, 51, Mosbacher Production Co., Houseton; oil exploration and production.

William G. Reed, 51, Simpson Timber, Seattle; wood products, chemicals, plastics.

Roy Richards, 66, Southwire Co., Carrollton, Ga.; wire and cable.

$75 million to $100 million

Henderson Belk, 55; Irwin Belk, 56; John Belk, 58; Thomas Belk, 53; Sarah Belk Gambrell, 60; Belk Store Services, Charlotte, N.C.; department stores.

Claude Canada, 60, Canada Coal Co., Pikeville, Ky.; mining.

Edwin L. Cox, 57, Cox Oil Co., Dallas; exploration and production.

Ben Hill Griffin Jr., 68, Griffin Co., Frostproof, Fla.; citrus products.

Ralph Ingersoll, 78, Ingersoll Publications, Sharon, Conn.; newspapers.

E. Bronson Ingram, 47, and Frederic Ingram, 49, Nashville, Tenn.; shipping, forest products, pipeline construction, petroleum trading.

C. K. McClatchy, 51, McClatchy Newspapers Inc., Sacramento, Calif.; newspapers, radio, TV.

Frank Perdue, 58, Perdue Inc., Salisbury, Md.; chicken processor.

Donald W. Reynolds, 72, Donrey Mdia Group, Fort Smith, Ark.; newspapers, TV and radio stations, cable TV, billboards.

Carroll Rosenbloom, 71, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles; football.

Mary Hudson Vandegrift, 66, Hudson Oil Co., Kansas City, Kan.; service stations.

$50 million to $75 million

Paul Block Jr., 67, and William Block, 63, Block Newspapers, Toledo, Ohio.

Trammell Crow, 64, Trammell Crow Co., Dallas; real estate.

Charles H. Dyson, 69, and Franklin E. Kissner, 69, Dyson-Kissner, New York; holding company with diversified investments.

Raymond Epstein, 60, and Sidney Epstein, 55, A. Epstein & Sons International, Chicago; construction and engineering.

Thomas J. Flatley, 47, Flatley Enterprises, Boston; real estate developer.

Bud Grossman, 57, Gelco Corp., Eden Prairie, Minn.; softdrink bottling, vehicle leasing, petroleum marketing.

Irwin Jacobs, 37, Jacobs Industries Inc., Minneapolis; diversified investments.

Partrick McGovern, International Data Corp., waltham, Mass.; computer software and market research.

Joseph Obering, 45, and William obering, 43, Warrior Oil Co., Denver; exploration and production.

Samuel N. Regenstrief, 67, Design & Manufacturing Co., Connersville, Ind.; dishwashers.

Corbin J. Robertson, 58, Quintana Petroleum Co., Houston; exploration and producton.

Eddy C. Scurlock, 74, Scurlock Oil Co., Houston; transportation, refining, production.

R. Y. Sharpe, 73, Pilot Freight Carriers Inc., Charlotte, N.C.; common carrier.

Robert Shelton, King Ranch, Kingsville, Texas; ranching and oil.

Oscar Stauffer, 92, Stauffer Communications, Topeka, Kan.; newspapers, TV, radio.

Jimmy Storm, 65, Marine Drilling Corp., Corpus Christi, Texas; exploration and production.

L. K. Whittier, Belridge Oil Co., Los Angeles.

John Wolfe, Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio.