The chief officers of Development and Resources Corporation -- all former government officials -- resigned yesterday and announced the company, an international development corporation, would be liquidated because of the turmoil in Iran.

"D&R is one more casualty of the bitter and violent anti-American attitude prevalent in Iran today," David E. Lilienthal, chairman and founder of the company 23 years ago, said in an official release.

Since its inception, D&R has planned and carried out a number of major development projects in Iran. Largest among them was construction of the Pahlavi Dam on the Dez River, which today provides electric power to much of southwestern Iran. Other projects included development of a national agricultural program, a national water plan, and a program to decentralize the government.

D&R last year received between $4 million and $5 million from Iran for various projects, according to John Macy, Jr, president of the company.

Both Macy and Lilienthal announced their resignations yesterday. So did two company vice presidents, Jack H. Vanghn and Norman M. Clapp.

In recent weeks, the company's workforce has dwindlied from 120 members to a few. At its height, though, D&R boasted an impressive array of ex-government officials skilled in the development of major public works projects.

Clapp, for instance, is a former Rural Electrification Administration Administrator. Vaughn is a former Peace Corps director. Macy is former chairman of the Civil Service and of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And Lilienthal was once the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and the Tennessee Valley Authority.