Six new vice presidents have been elected at Union First National Bank of Washington. They are: Donald P. Burchell, Jamie H. Gronning, Thomas B. Hoppin, Timothy C. Lee, James B. Shank and Rovert J. Wehner.

Burchell has been with Union First since 1974 and is currently manager of the Pennsylvania avenue and E Street office. Gronning, who has a background in real estate, joined the bank in 1978. Hoppin came to the bank in 1975 and is presently in the commercial loan department.

Lee joined Union First in 1968 and is the manager of the North Capitol and E Street office. Shank, who has been with the back for 13 years, is the manager of the Connecticut Avenue and N Street office.

Wehner joined Union First in 1977 and is currently a contact officer in the national division.

American Security Bank has announced several appointments and promotions. They are: Michael B. Miller, vice president and senior investment officer in the trust and investment division; Joseph C. McGrath, vice president in the corporate banking division; Warren N. Minami, vice president, retail banking division; Stephen G. Boyd, vice president and mortgage loan officer, holding company division; Ernest E. Harris Jr., assistant vice president, retail banking division; Junius S. Morgan, assistant vice president, holding company dividion; Jeffrey N. South, assistant treasurer, retail banking division; Helen Garrett, assistant trust officer, trust and investment division, and Christopher L. Crawford, operations officer and manager, wire transfer in the operations division.

Randall A. Moyer has been appointed vice president of DeRand Financial Services of Arlington.

Joseph V. Charyk, president of Communications Satellite Corp., has been elebted president and chief executive officer and John D. Harper has been elected vice chairman of the board.Charyk has been presidet and a director of Comsat since the formation of the company in 1963. Harper, who retired in 1975 as chairman of the board of Alcoa, has been a Comsat director since 1973.

The following is a list of newly appointed directors and their companies: Wilson B. Lau, the National Bank of Washington; John S. Hodice, Avemco Corp.; Edwin C. Phillips, Dynalectron Corp.; Dr. Nathan Cohn, Weinschel Engineering Co.; Stanley E. Harrison and Florian N. Hofer, the BDM Corp.; Richard R. Hinkle, Suburban Savings and Loan Association; Dr. David Friedman, Holiday Universal Inc.; H. Justin Davidson, UNC Resources Inc.; Paul Lambert Jr., the Bank of Bethesda; Ron McDle, Heritage Savings and Loan Association; Richard O. Berndt and Calman J. Zamoiski Jr., Mercantile Bankshares Corp.; Thomas T. Byrd, Smith's Transfer Corp.; Edwin K. Hoffman, the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific Railway Co.; Stephen D. Harlan, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.