Marlo Furniture's new headquarters and warehouse facility in Fairfax County will have 210,000 square feet of space. Because of a typographical error, an incorrect figure was published yesterday.

The Marlo Furniture Company will move its headquarters from Forestville to Fairfax County next year and bring with it another furniture showroom and more tax dollars and jobs for the county.

The Marlo move is the latest in a number of successful attempts by the Virginia county to attract business. It is expected to add $225,000 in tax money and 150 to 200 jobs for the county during the first year and more than $500,000 for the state, according to the county Economic Development Authority.

"This is the type of firm we want to attract and we are certain that their move here will prove valuable to them, the county and the state over the course of the years ahead," said David A. Edwards, executive director of the authority.

The move for Marlo, one of the Washington area's largest home furniture retailers and distributers, was made possible partly because of $5.8 million industrial revenue bond financing approved by the authority. Under the financing plan a local bank in this case American Security, provides funding at a reduced interest rate for the project and in return gets a tax break on its loan. The plan encourages businesses to locate in the county.

The new $8 million facility, located in the Shell Industrial Park at the junction of I-395 and I-495, will provide 21,000 square feet of space on 10 acres for a warehouse, distribution center and showroom.

"We wanted a site not closer than 20 miles around the Beltway" from the Forestville store, said Marlo president Louis L. Glickfield. "Shirley Highway is one of the main arteries plus Shell Industrial Park is a brand new development that just came on the market a couple years ago."

Glickfield also said the new showroom would build up its market in Virginia. Marlo has stores in Fairfax, Forestville and the District.

Glickfield first opened Marlo in 1957. He took the name Marlo for the first three letters of his wife, Marilyn's, name and the first two letters of his own name. In addition to its Fairfax store, the company plans to expand its Forestville store.