Thomas Gibbons, who has headed Maryland operations for Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. during the past four years, has been named executive vice president for all of C&P's operations in Virginia, West Virginia, the District and Maryland, effective May 1.

Gibbons will be moving to the C&P headquarters here to replace W. Earl Fisher, who will be on special assignments until a planned Aug. 1 retirement. Gibbons will be in charge of business, residential and network operations throughout the region for C&P, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Telephone & Telegraph co.

Named to succeed Gibbons as vice president of C&P in Maryland was J. Henry Butta, currently vice president for residence organization. In other changes, C&P named West Virginia C&P President Frank Hoffman as vice president for residence operations here, succeeding Butta; and C. Hyde Tucker as vice president for West Virginia, where he has been vice president and general manager for six years.

Fisher will retire after more than 38 years in the Bell System. He came to C&P in 1963 and was named executive vice president and chief operating officer earlier this year in a C&P reorganization. CAPTION: Pictures 1 through 5, Involved in changes at Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co, are, Frank Hoffman, (left) Thomas Gibbons, C. Hyde Tucker, W. Earl Fisher and J. Henry Butta.