Several hair dryer manufactures and retailers met with Consumer Product Safety Commission officials yesterday in an effort to identify those hand-held hair dryers which contain potentially dangerous asbestos.

Based on the information provided by seven manufacturers and four retailers and labelers, the agency has assembled the most complete list to date of those dryers that do and do not contain the asbestos.

Five firms told the CPSCthat they have voluntarily suspended sales of all hair dryers found to contain asbestos, with several announcing that they would provide new asbestos-free hair dryers or refunds to consumers owning asbestos models.

Others said it is possible to retrofit some asbestos-containing dryers with other insulation material to eliminate any potential asbestos hazard.

The following information is complied from filing by manufacturers with the CPSC:

Conair Corp found that its following models do contain asbestos: 0991 (Made in Hong Kong), 140V (Made in Hong Kong), 065 with serial numbers 1277, 0178, 0278, 0378, 0478, 0578, 0678. Consumers with questions about Conair dryers should call 800-631-5391, toll free.

General Electric Co. found abestos in the following models of its product line:

Pro Pistol models: PRO-1-5101-013-Power Pro; PRO-2-5108-005-Super Pro; PRO-3-5107-011-Pistol Pro; PRO-4-5109-001-Pro Dryer; PRO-5-5110-013-Power Pro; PRO-6-5112-005-Super Pro; PRO-10-5115-013-Power Turbo; PRO-11-5116-006-Super Turbo.

Power Brush model, PB-1/5113/005; Styling Dryer SD-1/2; Styling Dryer SD-4/5101-013; Styling Comb STC-1/1A; Mist Styling Comb STC-2.

GE consumers can call 800-241-9992 for information about their dryers.

Gillette Co. found the following Gillette models to contain asbestos: Max THD-2; Max Plus THD-2A; Max for Men HD-3; Max HD-4; Supermax HD-5; Maxhatter AD-6. Gillette consumers can call 800-328-9208.

Korvettes, Inc., found the following Korvettes brand name dryers with asbestos: HA 22m-1200 Watts; HA 2214-1400 Watts, HA 1214-1400 Watts.

Montgomery Ward & Co. found at least some of the following Montgomery Ward brand hair dryers to have asbestos: model numbers ending with 19361; 19363; 19367; 19368; 19369; 19373; 19374; 19375; 19382; 19387; 19388.

North American Philips Corp. said it found asbestos in the following Norelco dryers: HB-1700 Norelco 1000; HP-2600 Styler Dryer; HP-3600 Styler Dryer; HP-3600-1 Styler Dryer; HC-1107 Hot Comb.

North American Philips Co. (Norelco) consumers can call 800-223-1828 for further information.

J.C. Penney Inc. found at least some of the following hair dryer models (listed by catalog lot number) to contain asbestos: 6623979 1000 watt pro dryer; 6622351 1000 watt rotary styler dryer; 6621197 1200 watt pro dryer; 6624290 1200 watt pro dryer; 6622518 1400 watt pro dryer; 6622526 1200 watt adjustable pro dryer; 6622435 1200 watt pro dryer, pro dryer or adjustable pro dryer.

Shick, Inc. found the following Schick dryers to have asbestos: PD-1001; PD-1001-A; PD-1201.

Sears Roebuck & Co. found the following Sears dryers to have asbestos: 253.6314; 253.6369; 253.6385; 253.8700; 253.8714; 253.8736; 253.8754; 253.8782; 253.8783; 253.6374; 253.6377; 253.8704; 320.6350; 320.8706. These numbers are permanently molded into the dryers' pistol grips.

Consumers with questions about dryers not litsted can call the Consumer Product Safety Commission at the following numbers: Maryland residents only: 800-492-8363; everyone else: 800-638-8326.