The Consumer Product Safety Commission said yesterday it had erroneously identified three models of Hamilton Beach brand hair dryers as containing asbestos, an insulator linked to cancer. The dryers erroneously listed by the commission were Hamilton Beach models 477, 478 and 481.

Somewhere out there-belive it or not-there is an indsustry that not only tolerates government regulation, but likes it.

Mobile and manufactured housing is the only shelter industry now heavily regulated by the fededral government. But there soon may be others.

Since June 1976, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has regulated the production of mobile and manufactured homes through the creation of uniform building regulations.

As the number of complaints about poorly constructed traditional housing mounts, the regulation of the mobile/manufactured home industry begins to look better and better.

HUD officials say the number of complaints about the mobile/manufactured home industry have dropped considerably since the outset of regulation.

And companies in that industry are thankful that government regulation gave them credibility at a time when fly-by-night companies had been hurting the reputation of the entire industry.

Because of tough government construction standards and a quality inspection process involving state and local officials as well as federal, the bulk of the mobile homes and prefabricated homes sold in the U.S. today are of a consistently high quality.

Armed with the regulatory experience of the mobile/manufactured home industry, HUD and Federal Trade Commission staffers are working diligently toward though regulations in the area of conventional home construction and sales practices.

White House officials say privately that there will be a big push to appoint blacks to regulatory commission posts during the next six months.

Hess Oil Co. Vice President J. J. Simmons III is reported to be headed for the International Trade Commission. Marquis Alexandris, a Northwestern University economist, is slated for the Interstate Commerce Commission. The first choice for a spot on the Civil Aeronautics Board has decided to take a better job in private industry, but White House insiders say administration minority recruiters "have a hold on the job" and are trying to decide between two other candidates.

An internal memorandum of the Association of National Advertisers obtained by the Washington Post credits industry public relations efforts with having "effectively neutralized both the press and the hearings" in the Federal Trade Commission children's advertising proceedings in San Francisco.

"Reporters for the Washington Post and the Washington Star were present for much of the first week and, after they worked with the coalition press team, the tone of their stories shifted to a balanced perspective," the memo claimed.

Shifted from what?

An Eastern Airlines stewardess gets the Regulatory Beat column annual "You-regulators-can't-push-me-around" award for an incident last month.

The first woman to serve as a Civil Aeronautics Board member, Elizabeth Bailey, boarded an Eastern flight from Atlanta to Tallahassee and was told there were no non-smoking seats left.Bailey persisted, informing the stewardess that such seats had to be provided by law. The stewardess, who was not aware of such a law, proceeded to get into a fight with Bailey-without knowing Bailey held a CAB post-reportedly calling Bailey a "witch" and announcing over the loud-speaker that it was a pleasure to serve everyone "except one lady."

Bailey filed a complaint with her own commission's consumer complaint office, and got an apologetic telphone call from Eastern President Frank Borman.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been bombarded with telephone calls seeking the names of hair dryers that might contain asbestors insulation.

In a new updated list issued yesterday, the commission added Hamilton Beach and Clairol dryers and added to the lists of dryers from other companies.

But the phone calls are coming in to the CPSC "hotline" number at a rate of more than 6,000 an hours, while the staff can hancle only some 2,500 calls a day. The agency said the huge volume of calls had caused problems with the telephone company's entire toll-free system and communications satellite.

The commission's toll-free number for the 48 continental states-excluding Maryland-is 800-638-8326. In Maryland, it is 800-492-8363. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Virgin Island, consumers can call 800-638-8333.

Consumers may obtian a free list of thehair dryer models believed to contain asbestors by writing Hair Dryers, Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington D.C. 20207.

Here are the hand-held hair dryers added to the list by the CPSC, as well as the telephone numbers and addresses of the companies involved:

Clairol: Son of a Gun Style Nos. TD-1 and TD-2; Super Zap Style No. SZ-1. Phone 800-223-5800. 345 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10022.

Cnair Corp.: Style Stream 070 1200; Pistol Power 0991 1200; Dial 'N Dry 140V; Pro Style 065 1200 serial number 1277, 0178, 0278, 0378, 0478, 0578 and 0678; Jr. Pro 066 1000; Thermo Styler 067. Phone 800-631-5391. 11 Executive Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 06602.

Gillette Co.: Maxhatter AD-6 bonnet dryer. Phone 800-328-9208. Appliance Division, Prudential Tower Building, Boston, Mass. 02199.

Hamilton Beach: Models 480, 3830, 479, 423, 3850, 1858, 434, 433, 432, 477, 478, 480, 481 and 425. Phone 203-757-6061. Scovill Manufacturing Co., 59 Mill St., Waterbury, Conn. 06720.

Korvettes Inc.: Models HA-22M 1200 watts; HA 2214 1400 watts (old version); HA 1214 1400 watts; 23A 1000-watt Brush Styler; E-2100 1000-watt Compact Hair Dryer. 450 W. 33rd St., New York, N.Y. 10001.

North American Phillps Corp. (Norelco): HB-1700 Norelco 1000 (black) ; HB-2600 Styler Dryer (green); HB-3600 Styler Dryer (tan); HB-3601 Styler Dryer (tan); HC-1107 Hot Comb (brown). Phone 800-223-1828. Consumer Relations Department, 100 E. 42nd St., New York, N.Y. 10017.

Sperry Rand Corp. (Remington): Heat Wand models HW-1, HW-2, HW-3, HW-4 and HW-6; dryers PD-600, PD-750, PD-850 and PD-900. 1290 Avenue of the Americans, New York, N.Y. 10019.

Sunbeam Corp: Northern Model 1821 700-watt professional dryer; Northern model 320.6350 700-watt professional dryer; Northern model 301 Styling Dryer; Oster model 302 Blo Wave Dryer; Oster Model 370 Styler Dryer; Sunbeam Professionaire models D-CW, 52-9C, 52-9K, 52-9H, 52-9P, 52-12J and 52-9R. 2001 South York St., Oak Brook, III. 60521.