Maryland marine police have found a body believed to be that of the captain of the Hayuruss IV, a fishing vessel that sank Feb. 9 off Tilghman Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

From identification papers found on the body, police tentatively identified the man as Charles Garland Phillips, 46, of Tilghman Island, whose boat and crew of four went down in high seas on a windy winter afternoon.

The bodies of the four crewmen were recovered earlier.

Deputy Medical Examiner George Weems ordered the body sent to the Baltimore city morgue, where an autopsy will be performed this week.

Crew members of a private fishing vessel discovered the body floating in the bay at about 12:15 p.m. Saturday and reported it to Maryland state police in Leonardtown.

On Feb. 15, Navy divers found the body of crewmember Muir Cummings, 26, of Tilghman Island, tangled in fishing nets inside the cockpit of the Hayruss IV. Rusty Cummings, 25, and T. R. Cummings, 20, both of Tilghman Island, were found inside the boat Feb. 26. The fourth crewman, George Cummings, was found inside the 50 foot fiberglass fishing vessel when the boat was raised in March.

Marine policeman John W. Tugwell said the condition of the body found Saturday indicates the victim may have been swept overboard by the force of high seas.

"He may have become entangled in some of the nets trying to swim to safety, or there's a possibility he may have been literally thrown overboard," Tugwell said. He was, of course, heavily clothed at the time and his clothing became saturated by water very quickly."

Since the Hayruss IV was raised, marine and state police had conducted shoreline and air searches of the bay from Tilghman Island soouth to a position near James Island.