In yesterday's editions, the name of Gary Seevers of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission was spelled incorrectly.

The acting chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Gary L. Seavers, said yesterday he no longer is seeking reappointment and has resigned effective June 1.

Seavers said he is considering three job offers in private industry, including posts in the commodity trade.

The resignation, in a letter delivered to the White House last Friday, short-circuited on intensive effort to have Seavers appointed to antoher term on the CFTC.

Form state senators unhappy with the appointment of James M. Stone as chairman of the agency for a time stalled action on that appointment, while lobbying for another term for Seavers, a Nixon appointee who is not politically active.

Seavers, 41, has headed the commodity regulatory agency since last fall when Chairman William T. Bagley resigned.

Stone is expected to be sworn in as the CFTC's new chairman by next week. At his confirmation hearing, Stone agreed not to take office until the Senate Confirms CFTC member Read P. Dunn to another term.

A hearing on Dunn's nomination is scheduled before the Senate agriculture committee on Wednesday, and confirmation is expected shortly after that.

Seavers stressed yesterday that he had no conflict with incoming chairman Stone.

Congressional sources said Seavers was still considered the leading candidate for the CFTC appointment that is open, but Seavers has expressed frustration with the White House's delays in filling the post.

"I've been in government for nine years." Seavers said yesterday, "and I felt that another three or four years was just too long."