The dollar closed mixed in late New York trading yesterday after slipping against most currencies in Europe and rising sharply against the yen in Tokyo trading.

Gold prices rose more than $3 an ounce, closing at $240.125 in Zurich against $236.875 the previous day. In London, Europe's other major bullion center, gold closed at $241.125, compared with $236.875 Monday.

In Tokyo, the dollar closed at 218.175 yen, compared with Monday's closing rate of 216.775 yen, and in New York, the dollar finished at 218.58 yen up from 217.85 the previous day.

Late rates for the dollar in New York included: 1,8963 West German marks, down from 1.8980 Monday; 4.3573 French Francs, down from 4.360; 1.7188 Swiss francs, up from 1.7180. The Canadian dollar cost 87.76 U.S. cents, more than Monday's rate of 87.64. The British pound fell to $2.0624 from $2.06745.

In London, the British pound was unchanged at $2.06745.

Here are late prices for the dollar in Europe, compared with prices late Monday: Frankfurt-1.8954 West German marks, down from 1.89925; Zurich-1.7168 Swiss francs, down from 1.7213; Paris-4.35625 French francs, down from 4.367; Milan-844.55 Italian lire, down from 845.65; and Amsterdam-2.054 Dutch guilders, down from 2.058.