More than a third of American Airlines employes at the corporate headquarters in New York City have told the company they will leave their jobs rather than move to Dallas-Fort Worth when American relocates here this summer.

The employes-management and nonmanmagement - were asked to let the company know by the last month whether they would be making the move. According to figures released by American, 34 percent, or 346 of the airlines' 1,000 management and nonmanagement employes in New York, have chosen to leave the company. In the management group, 28 percent, or 208 of 744 employes, have indicated they will leave the airline rather than move.

In the nonmanagement group, which includes mostly secretarial and clerical workers, 138 or 48 percent of 285 employes will leave the company.

Some time ago, when American became concerned that a large number of its employes might not want to make the move to Dallas, the airlines took several measures to make the relocation easier.

However, one of the best incentives offered was 8.75 percent home mortage financing on homes in the Dallas area, which American secured from three local banks.

In that deal, American is purchasing certificates of deposit from Republic National Bank of Dallas, First National Bank of Forth Worth and Continental National Bank.