Gold, after opening at all-time high prices in Europe, closed on the plus side in Zurich, London and New York, but a New York analyst said the "higher the price goes, the more vulnerable gold becomes."

The U.S. dollar finished lower in Tokyo but closed the day's trading stronger on most of Europe's money markets and in New York.

Gold closed at $282.125 an ounce in Zurich, up from $280.125 at Friday's finish. In London, it closed at $282.125, up from $279.625 Friday.

Gold opened in Zurich at $282.875, a record high. In New York gold fell to $280.75.

In Tokyo, the dollar fell to 218.80 yen from 220.25 yen Friday in. New York it eased to 218.73 yen.

European closing prices with New York close in parentheses:

Frankfurt, 1.9120 marks, from 1.91 (1.9130); Zurich, 1.7320 Swiss francs, up from 1.7290 (1.7323); Brussels, 31.76 Belgian francs, down from 31.88 (30.70); Paris, unchanged at 4.4225 francs (4.4230); Amsterdam, 2.0930 guilders from 2.0920 (2.0965); and Milan, 853.80 lira, up from 853.70 (853.20).

In London the pound rose to $2,0680 from $2.0630 Friday and it jumped to $2.0702 in New York.