W. Wright Harrision, board chairman and chief executive officer of Virginia National Bankshares, Inc., announced his retirement today and the selection of a new management team to head Virginia's second-largest

The changes are effective Jan. 1 Clifford A. Cutchins III, 56, now president of VNB, will become board chairman and chief executive officer. Harrison, who has held his position 10 years, will stay with VNB as director and serve in an advisory capacity as chairman of the executive committee of the board.

In other changes, John B. Bernhardt, 49, now executive vice president, will become president and chief administrative officer. Albert B. Gornoto Jr., 49, now head of the bank's operaions division, will become executive vice president in charge of retail banking, operations, personnel and marketing.

Doyle Hull, 46, now head of VNB's real estate and corporate banking division, will become executive vice president in charge of real estate and corporate banking, bank investments, and the trust division. He will also head VNB Mortgage Corporation in non-bank affiliates.

"My retirement fills me with some-what mixed emotions," Harrison told a press conference at VNB's headquarters here. "But I am also going to be 65 and it is time for change."

Harrison has been with the bank 38 years, and will be 65 in August 1980. Bank policy mandates that high-level executives step down at 65.