General Motors Corp. recalled 476,000 station wagons yesterday to fix latches on storage compartments because a child died in one.

Another 43,000 cars were recalled to fix carburetor hoses that could result in fires under the hood.

GM said a child could lock himself in the rear side storage compartment on full-size 1977, 1978 and early 1979 station wagons One child died that way and three others were injured, said spokesmen Jam Smidebush.

The company asked owners to lock the compartment and keep it locked, except when actually putting things in and taking things out, until new latches could be installed

Dealers will install a different latch which requires use of a key to close the compartment, GM said.

The storage compartment is about the size of an "oversize glove box," Smidebush said, and only "a small child" would fit.

In the other recall, owners of about 43,000 Chevrolet Monzas, Pontiac Sunbirds, Oldsmobile Starfires and Buick Skyhawks -- all basically similar cars -- from the 1979 midel year were asked to take their cars in for replacement of the carburetor fuel feed hose if needed.

GM said some hoses might have been put too close to the exhaust gas recirculation valve during assembly. If the hot valve and hose made contact, the hose might leak, resulting in fire, GM said.

Meanwhile, an Illinois company is recalling ring caps used in toy pistols because the caps used might explode accidentally and burn the user.

The Acme Specialties Corp. announced a voluntary recall last Friday in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The caps are plastic disks containing charges. The disks are placed in toy guns to produce a loud report when the trigger is pulled.

According to the company and the safety agency, the charges can fall out of their protective cups accidentally, and explode without warning.

Parents are asked to return the caps to retailers for full refunds.

The caps are sold six to a set in clear plastic packages labeled "Three Stars Plastic Ring Caps" and "Made Taiwan." They have been marketed primarily in the Midwest by variety stores.

consumers should avoid skin contact with the caps and should not carry them in their pockets, the variety stores.

Fireston Tire and Rubber Co. officials have announced the recall of about 2,500 passenger and truck tires.

Among the passenger tires recalled are 1,400 Trax 12 tires, one of Firestone's most recently designed tires. The size of the Trax 12 tires being recalled is p125-75r 15.

Company officials said the tire may have been assembled on a nerrow building drum, which could cause separation in the tread or tire sidewall.

The Trax 12 tires being recalled have a serial number of VEHFTRD followed by the numbers 159, 169 or 179.

About 1,100 Longhauler truck tires, size 10.00-20 are also being recalled as well as 100 Triumph tires o the same size. Both tires are tube types with 12-ply ratings.

Serial number of the Longhauler tires recalled are VF2J898 followed by the numbers 139, 149, 159, 169, 179, or 189.

Triumph tires being recalled have series number VF2JJ01 followed by 139, 149, 159, 179 or 189.