Brookings Institution President Bruce K. McLaury and Federal reserve vice-chairman-designate Frederick Schultz head a list of five candidates for the chairmanship of the Rederal Reserve Board being studied by the Carter administration.

The others include Treasury Undersecretary Anthony Solomon and Federal Reserve Governors Charles Partee and Nancy Teeters.

Fed Chairman G. William Miller was named Thursday by President Carter of succeed W. Michael blumenthal as secretary of Treasury. Miller's nomination must be approved by the Senate.

McLaury, a former president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, was under active consideration for the Fed chairmanship last year when Miller was named to succeed Arthur F. Burns. The final choice came down to Miller and McLaury, and Carter talked to both of them before naming Miller. Sources say that McLaury indicated a reluctance to leave Brookings at that time.

There were no confirmed reports yesterday that McLaury had been approached again, but sources said his name was at or near the top of the prospective list again.

Schultz -- not to be confused with Economic Council Chairman Charles E. Schultze, who is seriously ill -- has just been confirmed by the Senate, and not yet sworn in as the governor of the Fed. He was appointed by Carter not only as a governor, but as vice chairman.

Schultz, a banker and former speaker of the Florida House, would come to the chairmanship with no Federal Reserve experience. But so did Miller. In addition, it is thought Schultz would have some political appeal to the new power bloc in the White House.

Solomon would bring to the job the wide international experience he has gained as the Treasury undersecretary for monetary affairs. With Blumenthal, he was a principal architect of the November 1, 1978 dollar rescure package. But his close association with Blumenthal, who was persona non grata at the White House staff level, might hurt him.

Partee is a former top staff aide at the Fed, promoted to the board, and Teeters -- a Carter appointee -- is the first woman to be governor of the Federal Reserve.

Sources said that were it not for his illness, Charles Schultz might be under active consideration for the Fed chairmanship.

Carter is clearly anxious to fill and Fed chairmanship as soon as possible.