Skateboards and swimming pools have dropped of the list of the 10 most dangerous consumer products to be replaced by liquid fuels and, believe it or not, "chairs and sofas."

In its annual listing, the Consumer Product Safety Commission pointed out, however, that the list of the five products most often involved in injuries in 1978 remain unchanged from 1977: bicycles, stairs, football and related equipment, baseball and related equipment, and playground equipment.

But after that, the list has been shuffled significantly. Power lawn mowers, which were 6th in 1977, dropped to 10th last year, while non-glass tables rose from 9th to 6th in 1978. Beds rose from 10th in 1977 to 7 last year.

Chairs and sofas rose from 11th to 8th in 1978, while liquid fuels leaped from 17th the year before to 9th last year.

Skateboards went from 7th in 1977 to 17th last year and are continuing to drop, according to CPSC safety official George Rutherford. Swimming pools went from 8th to 11th.

"Skateboards were involved in 140,000 injuries in 1977, but last year that number dropped to 87,000," Rutherford said.

But before parents take a deep breath, Rutherford suggests a look at the new figures for injuries involving roller skates, the latest fad. "Roller skating injuries are skyrocketing," he said. "They passed skateboards with 93,000 injuries in 1978, and there have already been 73,000 roller-skate-related injuries during the first six months of this year."

Roller skating injuries are being suffered by twice as many females as males, Rutherford added, and nearly a third of the injuries are fractures. A third also involve injuries to the wrist, including many of the fractures.

The Product Safety Newsletter, a trade publication, said in reporting the new injury figures that several other items would score high on the list, but are not counted because they aren't under the agency's jurisdiction.