Sales of Chrysler Corp, cars doubled in the first two days of the company's $400 rebate offer, the company said yesterday.

A Chrysler statement said Dodge and Plymouth dealers sold 6,372 cars Saturday and Sunday compared with 3,180 the weekend before.

Though Chrysler, loke other auto companies, normally does not compile daily sales statistics, regional offices were put to work gathering the numbers from dealers to gauge the impact of the money-back offer. The company is hoping the rebates will spur sluggish car sales and relieve the company's bulging inventory.

Dealer reports indicated that the number of visitors to showrooms increased by 67 percent over the previous weekend, from 13,115 to 21,875.

"We're pleased with this start and believe that our sales will continue to show improvement," Gar Laux, Chrysler's executive vice president, said in a statement.

Sales officials said the initial response to the rebates could be expected to moderate as the program goes on. No date has been set yet for discontinuing the program.

Two automotive suppliers -- Federal Mogul Corp. and Chas. A. Strelinger -- added their support this week to Chrysler's new sales bid by announcing they would match the rebate for their employes who buy Chrysler products. Also joining with a matching offer was Ross Roy Inc., an advertising firm associated with Chrysler since 1926.

Chrysler, which lost $261 million in the first half of the year on top of $200 million last year, announced Friday it would pay $400 directly to buyers of all its cars and trucks except the subcompact Omni and Horizon and its imports.