A federal judge in Alexandria yesterday approved a $1.25 million settlement of an employment discrimination suit filed against American Airlines by flight attendents who claimed it was unlawful for them to be removed from work without pay during pregnancy.

Judge Albert V. Bryan, Jr. approved the settlement between American Airlines and attorneys for the two original plaintiffs, Louise Miliotes, and Linda Timberlake, who had filed the suit in 1977 on behalf of themselves and 1,502 other flight attendants.

Under the agreement approved yesterday, Miliotes will receive $5,321, Timberlake will receive $9,155, and the remainder of the $1.25 million will be put in a fund for flight attendants who can prove that they were forced to leave work without pay when they became pregnant.

Bryan also approved legal fees of $115,000 for attorneys for the flight attendents. The attorneys included Elizabeth Rindskopf, Geoffrey J. Vitt Jr. and the law firm of Cohen and Ansand.

The case was originally filed in 1977. In October of 1977 Judge Bryan heard the case and ruled that American Airlines' policy of mandatory leave without pay was unlawful. The case was appealed to the 4th Circuit Court of aEals in Richmond last year, which was still considering the matter until the parties reached the financial settlement which Lewis approved yesterday.