The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of 7,000 toy telephone set cords which so closely resemble regular electric plugs that children may try to force them into wall sockets.

One 8-year-old girl was burned earlier this year in such an incident while playing with the telephone set, which was sold nationwide by K Mart, the agency said yesterday.

The product involved, the Model 702S "Holly Hobbie" Dial-Intercom toy set, consists of two battery-powered toy telephones on which children can communicate via a cord containing a two-pronged plug at each end.

Durham Industries Inc. of New York, which has imported the toy from Yugoslavia since 1977, is conducting the recall.

"parents should return the cords to Durham Industries Inc., 41 Madison Ave., New York, N.Y., 10010, to receive free replacement cords, which have been redesigned," the agency said.

The CPSC also announced these other recalls:

An estimated 1,800 defective underwater spear guns that can fire at users or bystanders suddenly. AMF Inc. of Des Moines is conducting the recall. The models are Nos. 5300 "Long Tom," 3502 "Sharp Shooter," 634108 "Supersten," 6333503 "Competizione," 5304 "Californian," 5306 "Frontiersman," 5308 "Shortie," 6333098 "Medisten," 6331006 "Ministen" and 6330005 "Miniministen."

Consumers should return the guns to their dealer for a modification.

Faulty valves on 23,383 propane gas grills manufactured by King Seeley Thermos Co. of Prospect Heights, Ill.The valves could leak gas. The grills were sold nationwide under the "Structo" brand name for between $40 and $60. The models, 7962, 7963, 7964, 7654 and 7966, and have been manufactured since January 1979. Consumers should call the company collect at (815) 234-8852 for a free replacement valve.

Approximately 8,900 electric lawn mowers manufactured by Sunbeam Outdoor Co., which could have a shock hazard in the handle. Involved are models 3227 and 3228 "Sunbeam" brand sold nationwide since 1978 for about $140. The agency said the power cord can get caught in a reversible handle. Consumers should write to Department 91b, Sunbeam Outdoor Co., Box 430, Kingstree Highway East, Manning, S.C., 29102 for a free metal part to eliminate the potential hazard.