Computer Data System Inc.'s first-quarter net income was almost triple results for the previous first quarter, while revenues were almost double. The earlier period was referred to incorrectly as the entire fiscal year in a headline and story in yesterday's editions of The Washington Post.

Aerospace an aluminum operations led Martin Marietta Corp. of Bethesda to an increase in third-quarter earnings and sales.

Those results, in turn, gave the corporation nine-month earnings larger than those for all of last year, assuring record results for 1979.

Martin Marietta earned $54.1 million ($2.16 a share) in the third quarter compared with $44.7 million ($1.81) a year earlier as sales rose to $530.4 million from $456.7 million.

Nine-month net income was $140.7 million (5.60) compared with $99.4 million ($4.10) for the same period of 1978 and $136 million ($5.54 for all of that year. Nine-month sales were $1.491 billion this year compared with 1978 nine-month sales of $1.251 billion.

Severe late-summer weather was a factor in lower cement business earnings during the latest period, according to company Chairman J. Donald Rauth.

"Our aerospace company is in a robust growth cycle, and we would expect it to have a buffering effect" if overall results are affected by a downturn in the general economy, Rauth added.

Martin Marietta's five lines of business are aerospace, aluminum, cement chemicals and aggregates.

LogEtronics, a Springfield-based manufacture of graphic arts products for businesses, reported record third quarter revenues of $6.6 million compared with $5.4 million a year earlier. Net income was $205,000 (20 cents a share) in the latest period compared with $240,000 (23 cents) in the 1978 third quarter.

Nine-month net income slipped from $866,000 (86 cents) last year to $865,000 (82 cents) as revenue rose to $20.3 million from $16.3 million. Nine-month results don't include effects of currency translation and an extraordinary item for 1978.

Effects of large Department of Energy and U.S. Navy contracts gave

Computer Data Systems Inc. of Washington first-quartr net income almost triple the total for the previous fiscal year.

The consulting and data-processing company announced unaudited net income from continuing operations of $143,000 (26 cents a share) for the quarter ended Sept. 30 compared with $49,700 (9 cents) for fiscal 1978. Net income from discontinued operations contributed an additional 2 cents a share in the latest period.

Revenue from continuing operations was $3.1 million for the first quarter, almost double the $1.6 million in revenue for the entire previous year.