In less than a week, a small group of District of Columbia business officials, a handful of lawyers and two of Mayor Marion Barry's top assistants will take off for Egypt on a trade mission sponsored by the D.C. Chamber of Commerce.

The trip will be the first privately sponsored mission abroad to develop international trade in the area and another step in revamping the D.C. chamber's image.

The delegation, which leaves Nov. 7 for a 10-day visit, includes officials of several minority and nonminority D.C.-based firms who were selected from among 47 applicants to participate in the trade mission. All of the companies represented are in business that the Egyptian government has indicated could find a place in their country's economy, said trade mission architect Edward J. van Kloberg III.

Among the delegates will be representatives of Metcalfe and Associates, a nonminority Georgetown construction firm now building the new American embassy in Cairo, and representatives of minority-owned firms in fields including electrical contracting, health care consulting and real estate development.

The delegation also will include attorneys who might help find funding for joint Egyptian-American ventures here and in Cairo or whose clients might be interested in such ventures, said Van Kloberg.