Maryland plans to dangle a chic carrot under the noses of businesses located elsewhere in hopes of luring them to the state.

Maryland's new $761,000 advertising campaign, featuring a "high fashion photograph" of a carrot, will break in December with full-page advertisement in black and white in the Wall Street Journal and full-color in Business Week, Fortune, Forbes and Industrial Week. The ads were designed to create an image of Maryland as a state with a pro-business attitude.

Rather than singing the praises of such standard industrial development features as the port of Baltimore, the city's world trade center or the state's natural resources, the advertisements invite business to "come for the biggest incentive of all" -- the state's amiable attitude toward business.

"What we're trying to do here is promote the pro-business attitude in Maryland," said Phil Viener, advertising manager for the state's department of economic and community development.

"Most industrial advertising is selling the product and itemizing everything about the product," Viener said. Instead of selling a product feature-by-feature, Maryland wants to create an aura, he said.

In fact, the Maryland campaign's approach is similar to that of soft drink manufacturers and others who try to identify their product in the public mind with youth and good times and other positive images.

The campaign was designed by Van-Sant-Dugdale, a Baltimore advertising firm that won a competition for the account in June.

The advertisements will appear in publications in every part of the United States and Canada, Viener said. "We'll blanket the country." He said no broadcast advertising is planned.

Viener said the state expects to spend $761,000 between now and June 30 on the campaign and a similar amount the following year to advertise the state's charms to business and industry.

The state's department of economic and community development also announced yesterday that a team of development specialists from several Maryland counties will leave today for a two week trade mission to Western Europe.

The delegation, which includes representatives from Montgomery, Prince George's, Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties, will visit Germany, England and France in search of European firms that want to expand into Maryland, said a spokeswoman for the department.