"This donation to Children's Hospital is in memory of my father who was a physician in Oregon before Medicare," began a letter from his daughter. "He had many patients who could not pay, but he treated them anyway. He made very little money, but is remembered by many people with love."

She gave $192.50 to the shoebox, which was added to the $3,299.35 sent by 93 other anonymous individuals.

Also responding to our annual fund appeal for Children's Hospital were 28 groups and organizations. Leading the pack were the operators of Alexandria's Southern Motel, who sent $15.

Coworkers in Embassy Services at the State Department's Protocol Office created a dieting kitty for Children's Hospital, with cash penalties for cheating. They gathered $17.30 and several calories. Employees of the FDS's Bureau of Foods, Technical Operations Staff didn't have a similar problem. So much food was brought to their Christmas party that $25 was left over for the children.

Friends at the George M. Mason Co. also contributed $25, as did those at Darco Equities, Inc. A $33 check arrived from the Systems Division, Data Processing Center of the Veterans Administration. The VA letter said:

"Children's Hospital is one of the most modern and up-to-date health care facilities of its type in the country. We would like to ensure the continuation of the work of this fine institution." So would I, friends.

Employees of E. & J. Swigart Co. in Silver Spring added $34. Gifts totaling $35 arrived from "the Facility Loan Branch of ASCS/USDA," and another $35 on behalf of the hostages given by The Jewish Alliance. Staffers at the U.S. Joint Publications Research Service collected $47, and $48.50 was added by coworkers of Government Institutes, Inc.

Employees of the Maryland Recreation Department in Takoma Park sent $50 and thanks "for letting us participate in this worthwhile project." The Special Services Section of Pepco raised $50 in lieu of card exchanges as did employees of the Reston branch of Wheat, First Securities, Inc., also sending $50.

Personnel in the Budget Formulation and Execution Branch, Resources Division, of the GSA, added to money raised by a colleague who sold "violets in ceramic pots" and sent a check for $53. Arlington's Public Works Department employees collected $55. More GSA employees, in the Electric Shop at Fort Meade, were represented by their gift of $75.

The folks from Branch 3 of the Legislation and Regulations Division, Office of the Chief Counsel, IRS, kept their annual tradition intact, contributing $80. Non-exchange of cards netted the hospital $82.50 from the staff of PE Systems, Inc., of Alexandria. The Psychological Services staff at the CIA used the same method to gather $100.

Employees of PRG Group, Ltd., sent Children's Hospital checks totaling $100. This is the second year of participation for PRG, which was founded on Nov. 15, 1979.

An "in lieu of" contribution of $107 was sent in by the nurses of Ward 2E-South at the VA Medical Center.

Eleven ladies working in the Food Stamp Issuance unit of Montgomery County's Social Services Department presented an idea in their letter, which included a check for $110.

"After pulling each other's name out of a hat for a gift exchange," their letter said, "we put the names back in and decided to inaugurate a tradition. May it continue until there is no longer a need." I'm in complete agreement. mMany thanks.

Two groups were able to divert $115 each to help provide free medical care to needy children. I opened the letter from the people in the Image Processing Branch, Code 563, at Goddard Space Flight Center first, and then found another $115 from the staff of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

Yet another GSA crew, from the Central Office of the Office of Budget, sent in their fifth annual contribution, $200. Employees of the Management Systems Department of the Association of American Railroads chipped in $244 -- "$87 of which was collected in a raffle held by our Computer Center employees."

Top honors for our organizations today goes to the familiar faces and foods associated with Little Tavern Shops, Inc. Their letter read, "Enclosed find $1,000 contribution for Children's Hospital." I'm sure glad I found it, and our patients are thankful you sent it.

Our groups combined to contribute $2,926.30, which, added to the individual total of $3,491.15 gives us $6,418.15 for today. Yesterday the shoebox contained $65,473.95, so it now holds the not-near-enough total of $71,892.10.

We're still keeping the pace, but my three-days-past Christmas view of the final drive total, due by Jan. 31, is not that rosy. The pipeline has been busy, but never too busy for me. Get your letters in, folks!