Owners of the Mayflower Hotel at Connecticut Avenue and De Sales Street NW have been drafting plans and soliciting their neighbors support for a proposal to revamp and partially close the block-long De Sales Street.

Plans for the block -- notable as the center of developer Dominic F. Antonelli's substantial empire and as the only left turn off of Connecticut Avenue for southbound traffic for several blocks -- are still very preliminary, according to business people who have seen them.

What may be involved, according to one account, is landscaping to make the area more attractive and further limiting traffic which must now snake its way past legally and illegally parked cars and construction for a new American Broadcasting Co. Washington headquarters building.

The south side of the street is occupied by the Mayflower Hotel. On the north side are Raleigh's Connecticut Avenue store, the French restaurant Chez Camille, a liquor store, Antonelli's headquarters, a PMI garage, the under-construction ABC building and the headquarters for the National Coal Association.

Chief mover behind the plans for De Sales Street is former ambassador to the Netherlands Kingdon Gould Jr., according to associate Richard Cohen. Cohen seconded descriptions of the plans as preliminary as "extremely so" and said they have been changing from day to day.

Architect Vlastimil Koubek said he had been working on some plans for the street, and some business operators along De Sales street have been shown artists' conceptions of how the street might look.

Officials in the city's office of the surveyor and the Department of Transportation said they have not been contacted about any plans to alter traffic patterns on De Sales Street.