Ralph Frey

. . . President of the Greater Washington Board of Trade.

The board of trade entered the new decade with a new name, a new logo, a new president and a renewed commitment to solving the problems of the business community through regional communication and cooperation.

Taking the reins of the group, which represents about 1,400 firms in the area, is Ralph Frey who succeeds developer Oliver Carr. Frey is vice president and general manager of C&P Telephone Co. He is a director of the Maryland-D.C. Utility Association and a member of the D.C. Private Industry Council.

In his inaugral address, Frey outlined some of the problems facing Washington area in the next 10 years. Among them are the inability of public services to meet public demand, incresed energy costs, youth unemployment, and other problems connected with a rapidly growing and changing area.

"The picture is mixed, but one we can make the best of with proper attention," Frey said. "The board's responsibility in the greater Washington community calls for its working with others to make living in this area the best it can be."

During the 1980s, the Board of Trade will become even more involved in advocating regional political issues. It will seek a more diverse and representive membership and attempt to bring more minority firms and women into its programs. Frey said that, specifically, the board will continue to support a workmen's compensation law in the District as well as full congressional voting status for the city. Passage of Metro funding legislation in Maryland and Virginia also will be a priority, Frey said.